Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is a stealth action board game from the creators of Saltlands. Secure your copy and support the game by taking part in the upcoming Kickstarter campaign!

The new Shogun seized power over Japan, bringing peace to the land. However, harmony is a fragile concept, so to silence the voices of conspiracy and capture the dreaded warlord Kage-Sama, the Shogun recruits a few remarkable individuals, who specialize in deception, assassination and sabotage.

Take control of 5 unique characters with vastly different skill sets and fight your way through the forces of the Overlord, who relies on superior numbers of soldiers and samurais. Hide in bushes and sneak in the shadows as you try to infiltrate enemy camps and castles. Utilize your special skills, lure your enemies into traps and deceive the guards so your friends can swiftly penetrate defenses and deal with the leaders of the rebellion.

But on the other side of the table sits the Overlord, who is prepared for your every move and gets new abilities gradually as you move toward your target. Every scenario comes with different maps and objectives, so you have to adapt your tactics according to the situation.


  • 5 unique ninja characters, plus several Overlords (villains) and guards, each with their own plastic miniatures
  • Engaging story-based episodes: play through multiple scenarios, complete achievements and collect bonuses. Your actions will have consequences in future maps!
  • Tactical stealth gameplay and character abilities based on the acclaimed Shadow Tactics video game.

Game Specifications

Playing Time: approx. 60 minutes per scenario

Players: 2-6

Suggested Age: 14+


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Officer miniature

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