Saltlands: Lost In The Desert Expansion


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An expansion pack for Saltlands: The Board Game. Features 6 additional exciting characters for a total of 12 characters, each with a special ability and a special item. Includes advanced mechanics: area-effect weapons, advanced vehicles and additional terrain tiles – enabling the extended Epic gameplay mode.

Playable with the base game. If you’d like to pre-order both, please see the bundle pack!

Saltlands: Lost In The Desert Expansion contains:

  • 34 Cards
  • 6 character cards + 6 special character items
  • 5 Terrain tiles (for playing Epic Mode or spicing up the base game’s gameplay)
  • 6 raider miniatures (for playing Epic Mode)
  • 6 player mats + 6 character standees
  • Unlocked Kickstarter Expansion stretch goals:
    • 6 double-sided player mats for Expansion characters
    • Box spot UV
    • Linen embossed terrain tiles
    • Illustrated weather deck + sandstorm card
    • Cheat sheets!

€10 shipping in EU, Canada, Australia and the US.

Shipping info:

  • Currently available in Europe, Japan, Australia, USA and Rest of World areas.
  • Very few (10) copies left in the EU!


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