…A post by Gergely Kruppa…

We just finished the recruitment of our future 3D artists and I was a lot more involved in this process than previously in the 2D illustrator hiring.

Last time was a cakewalk for me. We had tons of artists interested in our project, most of them were very familiar with the world concept we have created. All of them had a different skill set and style. Some of them were incredibly talented, and some of them were beginners. Sometimes I, as a graphic designer myself was surprised about how people with no real experience or skills assign for a position like this with a lot of serious work to do. Gergő kept in touch with the artists and organized the interviews, and I had the easy part: pick the right one. In retrospect, after all the illustration work we’ve done; with an almost complete game design I can say we made a really good choice.


Actually, he is not a 3D artist. We did hire him though…

Now I had more time for this and I contacted and interviewed all the potential 3D sculptors. And the hard part is not organizing these things. Actually it feels pretty exciting to hunt for talented people and make them interested in your project. I ended up with a bunch of talented artists – and this time all of them were a good fit for the work. Their references were truly amazing, but I had to choose.

It’s impossible to work with everyone. And after I made my choice, even if I made the right one, I had to refuse the others. This kind of makes me sad. One day before I was really excited about how awesome 3D design we are going to have, and now I have mixed feelings about all this hiring stuff.


Our miniatures certainly won’t be this complicated, but nevertheless need to be high quality.

p.s.: But still: We’re going to have awesome figures! 😀