Welcome, dear Reader!

The time has come for us to start a blog.

We are the Antler Games team, and our first upcoming board game is Saltlands. Long story short, Saltlands is the ‘post-apocalyptic desert’ themed successor of a different, ‘post-apocalyptic zombie escape’ game, in the works since June 2015.

Currently, the game is in an advanced testing phase – in Hungary, where we live.
– Yes, in Budapest, Hungary.

Do you know about this country?
Would you like to learn more about the game, its concept & mechanics?
Would you like to get to know us, our team of three enthusiastic (and almost naively ambitious) game developers? Learn how we got here, what our goals are, what fuels our passion?

There’s a lot for us to not only tell but rather share with the board gaming community. For us, designing and publishing a board game is a thrilling experience (an euphemism for ‘high risk involved, but hell cares, we want to make it happen’) and we know we are not alone with this intention. Our goals here are to share information & good stories, give back to those who help us, communicate and start good conversations, even if you are overseas. (‘Overseas’ is a quite relativistic word. You know, we are still in Europe.)

How to get involved

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Some upcoming topics

  • Every week we are going to write a run-down post to show what has been happening during the last days…
  • You can read an introduction of us, and see posts about game design etc. My responsibility here is that you actually learn as much as possible about our game before the Kickstarter campaign.
  • We are going to tell a lot more about the game. Of course, our upcoming video is worth a thousand words! (We are making it during the holiday season.. :))

See you soon!
Greg & Greg & Andrew & the enigmatic, soon-to-be-known genius sitting on the far right